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The Coping Closet - Paperback

The Coping Closet - Paperback

Consider your closet for a moment. You go there daily to get what you need for the day. Sometimes you may visit your closet multiple times a day as the climate changes, or the need arises to make a wardrobe change. In your closet, you put some things on, and take other things off. Your closet is full of many things that you don't wear all at once, but they are there if, and when, you need them. My intention is that this book serves as part of your metaphorical mental health and wellness closet. The Coping Closet contains many garments that you will have readily available so that when the occasion arises, you can grab what you need for that day, situation or event. There are gems in the form of coping strategies and tools sprinkled throughout. And while you may not need all of the items right this second, they will be readily available if, and when, the climate and seasons of your life change, and call for change in you. 


The Coping Closet is a quick reference guide to some of the most common mental/emotional conditions and illnesses. This book is a quick read, yet includes a wealth of knowledge and information condensed into bite-size tolerable pieces that anyone can understand.  It is designed to educate and equip people on how to better understand and cope with ups and downs in life. 


This book sheds light on various areas of mental health and how a major crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic can trigger and impact symptoms. It also highlights the warning signs for the reader to look for in their own life or in the lives of loved ones. You will find everything in this “closet” useful at some point in life—if not for yourself personally, perhaps for a friend, co-worker, or family member, who may need to "borrow" something from your closet.

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