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December 4, 2015

Oftentimes when going through hard times, others will offer comfort by saying “be strong.”  Have you ever heard that?  Or better yet--have you ever said that to someone who was experiencing hardship, grief or loss??  When faced with trying times these words are often uttered as a means to encourage but sometimes they can cause more harm than good.  These words perpetuate the myth that it's not ok to not be ok.  The truth is life is hard and sometimes  its ok to fall apart!  Some situations and circumstances undoubtedly warrant a total and complete breakdown!  During those times, its okay to allow yourself to not be “okay”; IT'S OKAY TO FALL APART!!!  Let others be strong for you!!!  Don’t rob yourself of the necessity to hurt, to grieve, to mourn, to have your moment just to appease others.   The truth is, sometimes people want you to be strong so they can be strong, but honey there are moments when that is just too much weight to bear!  Give yourself license to fall apart today and be strong tomorrow(maybe).  It's ok to be Un-fine! 




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November 17, 2016

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