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Forsaken For My Forgiveness




"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34



Matthew and Mark record this saying of Jesus from the cross.  Both Scriptural accounts express that it was in the ninth hour, after 3 hours of darkness that Jesus cried out this fourth word.  Around noontime, the sun literally stopped shining during the Crucifixion.  It was after 3 hours of darkness, that Jesus cried out this fourth word.  In these words of our Lord, the feelings of desperation, anguish and despair are almost palpable.  Jesus cries from the depth of his human heart, feeling a pain so deep-one that he has never felt before.  For the first time in forever, Jesus experiences separation from the Father.


Jesus and the Father are one, and John’s Gospel tells us that Jesus was with the Father in the beginning.  They were always together, always united, always in the presence of one another until this day in the ninth hour.  Here is Jesus, the Son of man at the height of his pain, and His Father abandons Him—leaving him to face death alone.  





There cannot be a more dreadful moment in the history of man as this moment. Jesus who came to save us is crucified, and He realizes the horror of what is happening and what He now is enduring. He is about to be engulfed in the raging sea of sin. Evil triumphs, as Jesus admits: "But this is your hour" (Luke 22:53). But it is only for a moment. The burden of all the sins of humanity for a moment overwhelm the humanity of our Savior.  But this had to happen!  It had to happen in order for Jesus to save us.  Afterall,  it is in defeat of his humanity that the Divine Plan of God the Father would be completed.  Through His death, we are redeemed!  



Jesus was forsaken so we wouldn’t have to be.  He endured the pain of God turning HIS back on His only begotten Son so that we would NEVER have to endure the pain of God turning His back on us.  Because Jesus was forsaken, we are forgiven!




"He himself bore our sins in his body upon the cross, 

so that, free from sin, we might live for righteousness. 

By his wounds you have been healed." 

I Peter 2:24


Now that is GOOD NEWS!!!!




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November 17, 2016

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