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Easter is Over...Now What???



Last week, churches all over were hustling to make accommodations for the influx of people that Easter Sundays bring.  Some churches schedule additional services, others prepare to fill their aisles with chairs and overflow areas with seating and a live stream feed.  Other churches looked for larger spaces to rent for the day.  Why?  Because we know that Easter Sunday is the day when folks get up, get dressed and head to church in their Easter Sunday Best.  For the regulars, Easter Sunday is like the Superbowl Sunday of Christiandom.  For others, Easter Sunday is one of those special days on the calendar where they put church on their schedule for their weekend. 


Services on Easter Sunday are often well attended, well-planned, and full of expressions of worship and praise that reach higher heights and deeper depths than the average weekly worship service—as we reflect on Holy Week, Jesus’ sacrifice and the tremendous hope that we have in Him as a result of His life, death, burial and resurrection.  



For President Barack Obama’s last Easter Sunday in office, he took the first lady and his two daughters to a service at the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church.  President Obama released this statement on Sunday: 


“Michelle and I join our fellow Christians in observing Good Friday and celebrating Easter this weekend,” he said. “This is a time to remember the sacrifices made for us and hold all who suffer close to our hearts. Yet it is also a time to rejoice, give thanks for the Resurrection, and unite with Christians around the world in proclaiming, ‘Christ has risen; He has risen indeed.’ We wish all who celebrate a blessed and joyful Easter.”


Our President said it beautifully and as a Christian, I share his sentiment.  My Easter  weekend was full of joy, laughter, family, fellowship, reflection and impactful worship.   

But…Easter is over.  So now what??  





Oftentimes, in the weeks following Easter Sunday, we no longer need the additional services or seating to accommodate extra people.  Our services return to normalBusiness as Usual.


The question is “Why?”  Why is Easter Sunday more attractive than the other Sundays?  Why the rapid influx of attendees followed by a swift decline?  Well, I have a theory.  Of course I think that traditionalism and the media play a MAJOR role in packaging church as another thing to do on Easter weekend.  However, in addition to that—I think that the approach of believers to Holy Week and Easter is different than our day-to-day, week-to-week schedule.  We go hard! We often place a lot of energy, effort, resources and time into productions, visuals, advertisements, dramatic presentations etc. for Easter Sunday (& Easter Weekend).  We have Easter egg hunts, concerts, block parties, Easter Plays etc.  We do all we can to grab the attention of those who will be in attendance as we celebrate the pinnacle of our faith—THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.  However, what would happen if we took that same passion, zeal, fire, resources and invested it on a regular basis in outreach, community development and touching the lives of those in our community beyond Easter weekend (or any other holiday weekend for that matter)?  What would that look like?  What if Easter was everyday…?



For the believer, Holy Week is a reminder of what we live and celebrate DAILY.  Everyday should be Easter in our lives.  WE should passionately live out our faith daily.  We should commit to being the church wherever we go.  We have the awesome opportunity to be the hands and feet, arms and legs of our Lord here in the earth!  We can introduce people to the Gospel every day of our lives—and not merely by what we say but by how we live!  Make Easter everyday!  Celebrate the Gospel daily!  Boldly profess your faith!  Be overwhelmed by God’s awesome LOVE, GIFT, and SACRIFICE every day of your life!  If we live this thing out—I believe that Easter Sunday can be every Sunday as our faith takes flight and spreads like wildfire to all with whom we come in contact.  






The world recognizes Easter on one day a year, but the beauty and joy of the Christian faith is that we don’t have to be bound to a specific timeframe, we can make every day Easter!  Everyday with Christ we celebrate and embody His glorious Gospel.  Everyone who has placed saving faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ has been justified through faith.  You are the righteousness of God—everyday.  Celebrate it!  Be glad about it!  Talk about it! Live it out!  Most importantly—invite others to get to know Jesus.  Introduce them to the awesome Savior who has the power to change lives in a way that impacts life eternally!  



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November 17, 2016

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