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Six Years Ago Today...a Princess Was Born

June 3, 2016



 Six Years Ago...


On the day after my birthday--I was rushed to the hospital in my 26th week of pregnancy.  I was pre-eclamptic and the condition was severe.  My day  started out as a routine doctor’s visit, from there I was rushed to the hospital.  I was diagnosed with severe preeclamsia at 26 weeks of pregnancy. Once doctors realized what was going on, I was rushed to Pennsylvania Hospital to be cared for and prepped for an emergency C-section.  My organs were failing, my blood pressure was out of control and maintaining the pregnancy simply was not an option if I wanted to live.  The only way for me to survive was to become un-pregnant...but it was too soon!  We faced a challenging task and were in a dilemma. My baby needed more time to mature, but I needed to avoid putting myself or my babygirl  at risk of serious complications. The plan was to do all they could to sustain the pregnancy for the next 48 hours while pumping me with medication to help my baby’s lungs develop faster because the only remedy for my condition was to deliver my precious baby. 












Six Years Ago...


My husband was told by the doctors that he could lose both his wife and his daughter.  They promised they would do all they could to save us, but they had to ask him the question that no husband/father ever wants to hear: “Mr. Betner, in the event that things go south in the operating room and we have to make a choice-which one do you want us to save, your wife or your daughter?”   



Six Years Ago Today...


My daughter was born.  She was 1lb, 9oz 12 inches long.  She looked like a beautiful miniature toy doll.  Her skin was translucent-you could see every vein and vessel.  Yet, despite her tiny state she was absolutely gorgeous.  They held her up in the air for me to see and rushed her to the NICU for care--where she remained for 87 days.  I went to recovery and it was days before I was well enough to see my little miracle.  About two or three days post delivery, my husband wheeled me down to the NICU.  As I approached her incubator I thought--this must be the wrong one, its empty...but the closer I got to it--I was able to see the tiniest baby I’d ever seen in my life.  It seemed so surreal to me...but there she was, my little baby with ten little fingers and ten little toes.  She was connected to all kinds of machines and tubes and I will admit--I was scared.  I was scared and confused and hopelessly in love with her all at the same time...




One week after her birth I was discharged from the hospital.  Leaving my baby there felt so...unnatural.  I can’t even describe the feeling.  I didn’t know if she was going to make it or not.  Every single time the phone rang, my husband and I would brace ourselves.  Every time we saw the hospital number flash across the screen, our hearts would skip a beat-wondering if it was bad news.    




Six Years Ago Today...


I became part of a community of NICU parents...some who eventually were able to take their babies home (like we were on August 31, 2010) and others who had to bid their precious angels a heart-wrenching goodbye. With every loss we couldn't help but wonder if we would be the next to have to say goodbye to our baby.



Six Years Ago Today...


I began a slow dance with faith and fear.  Those two emotions tag-teamed as my dance partners and they did so without warning and often in a way that seemed totally outside of my control.  Faith would take the lead...then Fear...then Faith again and then Fear.  It was an unending emotional roller-coster.  For 87 days my baby was in the care of the NICU.  For 87 days my husband and I along with countless other family members and friends would visit our Princess and touch her through the glass.  We would pray over her, read her Scriptures, love on her...for 87 days.  My husband and I endured heart-break every time we had to leave the hospital--wondering, longing, hoping and praying. 






Here we are today...on my daughter’s 6th birthday and I am humbled and exceedingly grateful to God for the gift and miracle that she is.  God did the impossible in my life.  My daughter is here.  She is healthy.  She has completely dumbfounded her medical team with her progress.  All of the setbacks and issues they predicted she would have--never ever touched her.  Bleeding on the brain, developmental delays, learning disabilities and the list goes on and on and on...but she is 100% healthy!  Our baby not only survived but she continues to THRIVE every day!







So Today...


Realize that each day is a gift.  Make it your business to treat and treasure it as such!  Celebrate life!  Celebrate love!  Laugh, Love, Live while you can.  Forget the past--leave it in the past.  The future is uncertain so don’t put all of your energy there, instead focus on the PRESENT--Today which is a gift given to you by GOD.  








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