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Motivation Monday: Faith Over Fear

September 5, 2016



A few weeks ago, my youngest two children had the experience of flying in an airplane for the very first time.   The children responded to this event very differently.  Both children were full of excitement all the way up until we prepared to board the plane. From that point forward...there was a very noticeable difference.  My little girl became increasingly scared and anxious as we got closer and closer. We decided that she would sit next to her Daddy so he could keep her safe.  I watched her cling tightly to her father the entire time.  Then as we began to take off she started squealing and screaming. It was hilarious-she was excited but frantic all at the same time. My baby boy on the other hand was absolutely chill! He had no fear at all! I was blown away at his ability to maintain total excitement without any fear at all. He didn't care about how high we were in the sky, he wasn't afraid when we went over the water-he had ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR AT ALL! His experience was one of pure joy and excitement.    I could relate to my daughter's fear because I get very anxious about flying. I silently call on Jesus the entire time! I envied my baby boy's ability to take in the moment without any fear at all.  


During my personal reflection time, the Lord allowed me to meditate on that experience by asking me the question:  How do you respond when it's time to take flight?  It’s a question that caused me to take pause and consider the ways that I respond. Is my response one of fear or one of faith?  My prayer is that I will grow to respond with faith over fear in every situation in my life.  But I must admit...I’m not quite there yet!


The fact is, we are all faced with opportunities to take flight.  Sometimes God closes doors of familiarity in order to push us to launch out into the deep.  Sometimes He blesses us with new opportunities that are exciting and terrifying at the same time. In both scenarios, we are faced with an opportunity to take flight.  You may be saying...I don't fit into either of those categories--my response to you is "Did you wake up this morning?" If your answer is yes--than this message still applies to you! Why? Because EVERY SINGLE DAY that you wake up is an OPPORTUNITY to do something new, something different, and to step out in faith!  So today, I ask you the same question that the Lord impressed upon my heart: “How do you respond when it’s time to take flight?”


Back to my opening scenario.  The stark contrast between the way my daughter responded and the way my son responded presents a dichotomy that we might feel is inherently polarizing and irreconcilable.  To those who struggle with fear-that reality might be incredibly disheartening.  However, the beauty of God’s grace is that we can cling to Him when we are afraid like my daughter clung tightly to her father during take off...and we can experience the sheer joy and excitement that my son experienced once we realize that there really is no fear in God. Perfect love casts out fear. He loves us perfectly so there is no need to fear because He's always got you!!  The Good News is that whether you are full of faith or gripped by fear, the Father loves you still and He is there to carry you safely from where you are to His desired place for you to be.  He is a Good, Good Father and He is the Pilot of your flight.              

               - April. N. Betner




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