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Tip of the Iceberg

January 26, 2016



People see you...but they don't really see you.

You see people...but you don't really see them.


The truth is--when we interact with others, we only see a glimpse of their person; we don't see them in totality.  In our day to day living, working, loving and playing...we have to bear in mind that we only get a glimpse or a snapshot of who people really are.   It's like an iceberg, we see what's above the surface but there is sssssooooooo much more that lies beneath the surface.


It takes humility to admit these truths.  We often like to view ourselves in the best light possible--especially when it comes to the area of "relationship".  We don't like to take the blame.  We don't like to be wrong.  We don't like to be confronted with our faults, tragic flaws and shortcomings.  We like to think that we are good, nice, open minded and perceptive people who relate to others well (or at least well enough to get by).  It takes courage to admit that there are layers to who we are as individuals--layers that we hide from others.  It takes greater courage and sensitivity to perceive the same truth in others--even in our most valued relationships, there may be layers to our loved one that we don't have access to.    There are compartments of our lives that are marked : 


 "Do Not Enter"  

"Authorized Personnel Only!"

We all have layers...and very few give others access to those layers that run deep and wide.

 We should strive to invest in those relationships that get beneath the surface.  WE may not have many relationships that do that--but if you are blessed, you have a few that do.  There is healing, growth, and strength in those relationships that challenge you--in those relationships that don't accept things at face value...those relationships that dig deep and wide.  There is great value in that!  However, a considerable amount of people would rather choose to live life on the surface.  What does that mean?  It means--they would rather limit their lives to superficial surface level relationships with others.  Why?  Because anything more than that brings with it the risk of vulnerability, exposure, and a level of transparency that they simply are not comfortable with.  That reality is unfortuntate and in those who choose this road--it limits them from experiencing true intimacy with others.  True intimacy has its risks...but it also has its rewards.  Each person has to decide for themselves whether or not its worth it.  I would encourage you to pursue intimacy--because life without it--isn't life to the fullest!  


The Challenge

Go deep...


                   Go beneath the surface...


                                                               See others...


                                                                                          Allow others to REALLY see you...



                                                                                                                                       Embrace intimacy...




Be humble enough to realize that oftentimes what you do see in others...is only the tip of the iceberg.  





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