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Tea Time: Unwind

October 14, 2016



The other day I was feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out.  The children were home from school that day and everyone seemed to be on level 10.  I remember venting to my sister about the day’s events and she laughed as if it were reality TV and then she calmly told me “Have some tea.”  At first I thought--Did you hear anything I just said??? Have some tea?!? No--Somebody needs to come get these kids!  (Lol)   See--My sister has 4 kids of her own and they are all teenagers. She’s been where I am, like she's literally "been there--done that" so I just knew she’d have some nugget of wisdom, some consolation or some fail-proof tip to get me through.  Right?!?  Well it turned out that she did.  Even though what she said wasn’t exactly what I was looking for or expecting, her words proved to be wise words indeed!  


I had some tea.  Yup--I did exactly what my sister advised.  I  grabbed my favorite herbal tea along with my favorite mug and I took a moment in the midst of chaos--and simply had some tea.  Let me tell you...That may have been the BEST decision I made that entire day!  During my tea time, I temporarily escaped from the madness around me as I sipped on my ginger chamomile mint tea.  I escaped into that cup of warm tea as the hot steam and sweet aroma enveloped me with each sip. In just 5-10 minutes, I was able to gain what I needed.  I was able to pause...--Rest--Refresh--and Reset so that I could come back and tackle the remainder of my crazy day. In those few minutes--I took some time out for ME.  It may have only been a short time, but it was enough to give me some sense of reprieve and retreat. 


Listen, we all have moments where we feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.  In life, these emotions can grip us for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes the business of  day-to-day living gets to us.  Other times reports, demands and deadlines at work place undue pressure on us.  Sometimes its finances, school, papers, exams, relationships, ministry, marriage, the entrepreneur life, our kids, our family, our friends, our health and the list goes on and on.  To put it simply--life is stressful and hard at times.  Here’s a tip from me: When you find yourself feeling stressed out, take time--no MAKE TIME to stop and have some tea.  Give yourself permission to have a Mental Health Moment. Rest. Retreat. Reflect. Refresh--even if its only for a moment--so you can Reboot.  




I am learning--slowly but surely--that we don’t have to allow the pressures from without (or from within) to rule or control our emotions or our day.  We have opportunities to take control--to settle ourselves, regain our focus and find our center.  I proved and tested that theory this week and I urge you to try it for yourself.  Self-care is vital to your overall health and well-being.  We can't take care of anyone else if we fail to properly take care of ourselves.  So again I say --TAKE the time and if you have to MAKE the time to stop and have some "tea"!




P.S.  And while you sip on that tea...it's ok to whisper a prayer and "Cast your cares onto the Lord (1 Peter 5:7).  His track record is pretty good and He's strong enough to carry your burdens, my burdens--the burdens of the world.  He did it before on Calvary--remember?  Yeah, He's capable...He's well able.  So that's Tip #2: Give it to Him!




Have an Awesome day and Remember to

Have Some "Tea"




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