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November 17, 2016






I clean my house everyday…


Yet, everyday in the 24 hour cycle—I find myself looking around at the mess all over again—all of my hard work to clean and organize disappears within a few minutes of my children running through the house.  In no time flat—it looks like I’ve done nothing.  That’s frustrating!  Sometimes it makes me feel like…what’s the point?  Why put in this level of work just for it to get dirty again?!?  But, then I think about the beauty of my life…the fact that my children have a home to run through and play in.  I think about the fact that we have gadgets and toys and puzzles and clothes to pick up.  Admittedly, the  household duties I have as a mother and wife aren’t the most fun or glamorous and the job can get pretty monotonous at times.  However, when I think about the alternative…not having a house to make a home, not having a family to cook for, clean up after or care for, not having any clothes to wash…I smile with gratitude! Why?  Because in that very moment I am reminded of how blessed I truly am!  So instead of complaining, I choose to say “God, I thank you!”  While I often wish that I could keep my house pristine, truth be told…my imperfect...messy home is a constant reminder that there is life, laughter and love that takes place there.

For that...I am grateful!


Thanksliving is a state of mind...


The older I get, the more I realize that perspective really does matter!  Many wait for circumstances to change before adjusting their perspective and outlook on life—believing that somehow happiness will magically come and remain once things change.  What I have realized is that happiness is a state of mind.  You can change your mental state by shifting your attention and finding a reason to be grateful!  Change your thinking-->Change your attitude-->Change your life.  I promise you—it works!  


Living a Thankful Life takes real effort, commitment and practice.  It isn't something that comes easy or natural to us.  Our natural inclination is to complain...to find fault, and to focus on the negative.  You've got to really put in some WORK to focus on the positive instead!  However, having an attitude of gratitude pays off!  In addition to some of the obvious spiritual and emotional benefits to living the thankful life--there are REAL, TANGIBLE benefits of having an attitude of gratitude.  Although more research is needed, various studies have shown that being grateful helps in the following ways: 


1. Improves physical health

2. Opens the door to more relationships/Helps you make new friends

3. Makes you more optimistic

4. Helps you get more sleep

5. Improves psychological health

6. Enhances empathy and reduces aggression

7. Improves self-esteem

8. increases mental strength



Given all of the benefits listed above, I want to challenge you to do something with me.  Take the 7 day ThanksLiving Challenge!  The details are below:






1. No complaining for 7 days


2. Avoid Negative talk for 7 days


3. Strive to focus on the positive


4. Post DAILY to your social media outlets something that you are grateful for.


5. Challenge others who like or comment on your status by sending them a private message inviting them to take the challenge as well.


Will You take the 7 Day Challenge With me???




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November 17, 2016

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